Museum Rules

The Museum am Rothenbaum promotes the appreciation for and the knowledge of the cultures and arts of the world. Through exhibitions, events and research, it provides spaces for cultural encounters and critical reflection. Founded in an era of colonial power imbalance, the museum today seeks to question traditional certainties and encourage global citizenship through cooperation and in an atmosphere of respect, openness and empathy.

  1. Admission and other fees are priced according to the fee regulations of the Museum am Rothenbaum.
  2. Visitors are asked to behave in a way so that no other persons in the museum are hampered or disturbed. In particular, discriminatory statements about origin, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, age or religious beliefs are prohibited. It is also forbidden to make statements in words, in writing or gestures, which can be attributed to a right-wing extremist worldview, if these are likely to disrupt the work and operation of the museum in the sense of its purpose or to compromise the reputation of the museum. The same applies to the use of marks or symbols of inequality organizations.
  3. Visitors are forbidden to disparage human freedom and dignity (Article 1, German Basic Law) in words, writing or gestures.
  4. In the event of disruptions to the operation of the museum or to events, the museum staff and the respective organizers reserve the right to exercise their domiciliary rights. Visitors, who belong to right-wing extremist organizations, or to the right-wing extremist scene or who have already made an appearance in the past with inhuman statements (e.g. racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or national-authoritarian) may be expelled from the museum if their presence disturbs the operation of the museum in the sense of its purpose or if the museum’s reputation is likely to be compromised.
  5. Discriminatory attire or costumes will not be tolerated. Any breaches as interpreted by the museum staff may result in being expelled from the building or the event.
  6. Visitors to the museum are asked to behave in a way so that objects of the collections and furnishings do not get damaged, stained or destroyed. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Bags (larger than A4), umbrellas and other bulky items must be left in the cloakroom before visiting the museum rooms. Animals (except for assistance) are not allowed. Visitors are liable for the contamination, damage or loss of furnishings or items of the collection in accordance with the general provisions of the German Civil Code.
  7. Supervising persons (e.g. parents, teaching staff) must supervise those in their custody in order to avoid accidents, damage, incidents and disturbances. The use of bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, city scooters or the like is not permitted. The elevators may only be used when accompanied by museum staff.
  8. The Museum am Rothenbaum is a listed building. Setting up any type of superstructure, as well as activating any electrical equipment, in particular with high electricity demand and/or noticeable heat development (e.g. strong spotlights) is only allowed after prior consultation with the museum. Open fires are not permitted at any time. It is forbidden to stick anything to walls, signs, showcases or other objects. Stairs, passageways and marked escape routes must always be kept clear.
  9. Distributing advertising and information leaflets is only allowed after obtaining prior permission from the museum.
  10. Photography and filming are permitted only for private purposes. The use of flashlights or tripods is prohibited. Special regulations may apply for special exhibitions.
  11. The museum staff’s instructions, which serve the compliance with the mentioned regulations, are to be followed. Any violation of these instructions and the rules of conduct set out here may result in visitors being prohibited from further visits in individual cases. In the case of more serious infringements, the museum management may issue a temporary or permanent ban.
  12. If required, the staff is entitled to document the events on the entire premises of the Museum am Rothenbaum with additional technical devices (e.g. photo / video camera).

These museum rules are valid as from October 5, 2018.