Special Exhibitions

Colour Meets Map

In the special exhibition “Colour Meets Map” the Museum am Rothenbaum presents the results of an innovative research…

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Poster motif Hey Hamburg, do you know Duala Manga Bell?

Hey Hamburg,

do you know Duala Manga Bell?

With the exhibition “Hey Hamburg, do you know Duala Manga Bell?” the MARKK engages the topics of racism…

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Permanent Exhibitions

Wooden board with representation of a demon head (boma), embedded in luxuriant floral decoration

A Dream of Bali

The exhibition was created in 2006 in cooperation with a German-Balinese community and gives an insight into the…

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Woman with a bicycle on the beach, photograph

A Glimpse Into Paradise

Banana leaves reflect the sunshine, tropical vegetation grows in the background and a small party seeks refuge under…

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Detail of a mummy case of Pabastet

A Touch of Eternity

The Ancient Egyptian Collection comprises 800 objects. Excavations by the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft (German Oriental Society) around the Pyramids…

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Drawing work in the stack-rooms

Distinguished: Women Artists of the Inventory

The exhibition “Distinguished: Women Artists of the Inventory” takes a look behind the scenes of the museum during…

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Model of a boat with honorary flags, object image, colored

First Things

The museum takes a look back in order to look forward and presents a selection of the things…

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Masks of the South Seas, general view in front of dark background

Masks of the South Seas

On the islands of the South Pacific, mask performances were a central feature of social life in the…

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 Rauru – Māori meeting house (detail view)

RAURU Māori Meeting House

Meeting houses, wharenui, have a central place in the life of the Māori. They serve the community as…

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Breast pendant of a divine half-human half-animal creature, copper and gold

The Inca Gallery and its Treasure Chambers

In the treasure chambers and the Inca Gallery there are archaeological treasures from 4000 years of cultural history…

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View of the exhibition, smartphone takes a photo of the lettering Uri Korea

Uri Korea

The long-term cooperation between the Museum am Rothenbaum and the National Folk Museum of Korea has generated a…

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Alchi – Monastic Jewel in the Himalayas

The world-famous Tibeto-Buddhist monastery of Alchi lies at 3,500 meters in the Himalayan province of Ladakh (Northwest India)….

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Sandals from Amani


The Biological Agricultural Institute Amani, founded in 1902, was a German model project in the Tanzanian Usambara Highlands….

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 Detail, video installation of Lisa Reihana In Pursuit of Venus [infected], 2015–17, colour, sound, several people, bank of a lake

In the shadow of Venus

Lisa Reihana is among the most relevant contemporary artists from the Pacific. Her work in Pursuit of Venus…

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Colourfully painted plastic buffalo

Native Cultures of North America

In eight subject areas, the exhibition looks into diverse forms of cultural expression of the Native Americans in…

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Former image reference card, artistically reworked by Vitjitua Ndjiharine, black and white photography, landscape, two people

Ovizire • Somgu

The exhibition presents performances, multimedia video installations, photo collages and historical photographs that deal with the complexity of…

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Oracle, wood, Sumatra, around 1900


An exhibition focussing on the writing culture of the Toba Batak has been jointly curated by the Centre…

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Wilhelm Doegen with African prisoners of war in the Ruhleben camp

War and Grammar

Beginning on October 23rd, sound recordings of prisoners of war from the First World War will be rendered…

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Expedition, Bioko, tree ferns, photography, hand-colored, green

Working on monochromes

On the way to the development of colour photography, the technique of hand-colouring black and white photographs was…

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