MARKK in Motion - Program for Ethnological Collections of the German Federal Cultural Foundation

As part of a three-year phase of research, planning and experimentation, the MARKK is intensively working on its repositioning. The findings and considerations are incorporated into the concept of the new permanent exhibition. Within the framework of this forward-looking project, three curatorial research fellowships and three art residencies will be advertised, which will help shape the new concept with independent projects.

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Regular advisory committees with external guests will accompany the process with critical reflection and fresh impulses. The public workspace “Zwischenraum – A Space Between”, opened in 2019, will provide the public with a “behind-the-scenes” insight into this ongoing museum work.

Duration: 3 years until 2021

Gabriel Schimmeroth
Kuratorischer Projektkoordinator
fon +49 40 42 88 79 – 643

Artist in Residence

Karo Akpokiere is an artist/designer based between Hamburg, Germany and Lagos, Nigeria. Akpokiere’s work focuses on fusing experiences…

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Curatorial Research Fellow 2020

Maria Fernanda Boza Cuadros (PhD) is a Peruvian anthropological and historical archaeologist trained in Peru and the United…

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Richard Tsogang Fossi

Curatorial Research Fellow 2019

Richard Tsogang Fossi (PhD) has been Curatorial Research Fellow at MARKK since May 2019 and is part of…

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Curatorial Research Fellow 2018/19

Emelihter Kihleng (PhD) was the first curatorial research fellow from February 2019 to February 2020 at the MARKK…

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