Film still from the video work Trambo

The Land Has a Mind to Speak

  The artworks of Sissel M. Bergh, Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso, Marja Helander, Erica Huuva, Solveig Labba,…

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Loose Ends

Woven mats from the Marshall Islands are works of art with a wide range of uses as clothing,…

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Water Messages

From melting glaciers and sea-level rise to storm surges, drought, and pollution: water affects us all. Although the…

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UnBinding Bodies

Over a period of a thousand years, Chinese girls had their feet bound to keep them as small…

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Poster motif Archive of experiences

Archive of Experiences

The starting point of the exhibition “Archive of Experiences” is a photo album from 1868 associated with the…

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Poster motif Lightning symbol and snake dance. Aby Warburg and the Pueblo Art

Lightning Symbol and Snake Dance

With “Lightning Symbol and Snake Dance,” the MARKK presents its Aby Warburg Collection for the first time in…

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Colour Meets Map

In the special exhibition “Colour Meets Map” the Museum am Rothenbaum presents the results of an innovative research…

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Hey Hamburg,

Extended until April 7, 2024! With the exhibition “Hey Hamburg, do you know Duala Manga Bell?” the MARKK…

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Steppes & Silk Roads

Magnificent fabrics and ikat weavings made of silk, tea and “wild apples” found their way to Europe on…

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Expedition, Bioko, tree ferns, photography, hand-colored, green

Working on monochromes

On the way to the development of colour photography, the technique of hand-colouring black and white photographs was…

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Alchi – Monastic Jewel in the Himalayas

The world-famous Tibeto-Buddhist monastery of Alchi lies at 3,500 meters in the Himalayan province of Ladakh (Northwest India)….

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 Detail, video installation of Lisa Reihana In Pursuit of Venus [infected], 2015–17, colour, sound, several people, bank of a lake

In the shadow of Venus

Lisa Reihana is among the most relevant contemporary artists from the Pacific. Her work in Pursuit of Venus…

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