“A blank spot on my map of undiscovered places – to me the MARKK library was exactly that for a very long time. I would never have expected the abundance of unique treasures hidden there.”
– Bärbel (library user since 2013)

Welcome to the smallest and most beautiful reading room in town!

The MARKK library is open to the public, and Hamburg residents can use it as a lending library.
A total of approx. 90,000 books and 200 current periodicals are available to be researched and discovered. Click here for our library catalogue. The exchange of publications with numerous libraries all over the world has resulted in a particularly multilingual collection. You will find literature in English and Spanish, furthermore in Korean, Chinese and Japanese. But even less common languages like Pashto, Farsi or Modern Hebrew are represented in our library. In many cases these are books that Germany-wide can only be found in our library.

Since 1912, the library has been located in its historical rooms. However, the foundation of the library dates back to around 1850, when the first collection of ethnographic objects in the municipal library was established, and with it a library including travelogues dating back to the 16th century.
For the purpose of researching the MARKK’s object collection, we are continuously expanding our stock with current literature. Here, the focus is on non-European cultures and arts.
All interested parties can book a guided tour on the first Thursday of each month.
A computer is available for your research, the library team will be happy to assist you! In addition, you can use the work area, the scanner and photocopier as well as our WiFi.


Search the library catalog of the Museum am Rothenbaum. You can find detailed information about further research strategies on the help pages of the library catalog! We are happy to assist you personally with your research – please contact us during the opening hours of the library!



Opening hours of the library

Thu to Sun 1 – 6 p.m. 

fon 040 428879 601, -518, -604, -691

The library is closed between Christmas and New Year.

Accessible for all interested parties, even without admission ticket to the museum!

Terms of use
The library also has a photocopier (subject to a charge), a scanner and free WiFi!

Guided tour of the library
by appointment: or by phone: +49 40 42 88 79 – 601


Information and loans

fon  +49 40 42 88 79 – 601

Library & Media Library

Jantje Bruns
Library Management
fon +49 40 42 88 79 – 518
efax +49 40 42 79 29 – 618

Elisabeth Quenstedt
Library Management
fon +49 40 42 88 79 – 691
efax +49 40 42 79 29 – 691

Maike Mewes
fon +49 40 42 88 79 – 604
efax +49 40 42 79 29 – 691

Carmen Winter

fon +49 40 42 88 79 – 691
efax +49 40 42 79 29 – 691

Buy me...!

In cooperation with the bookshop Heine Buchhandlung, the library of the Museum am Rothenbaum is looking for book donors. You buy a book for the library and receive two free tickets for a visit to the museum. In addition, you will be named as a donor in “your” book on an ex libris!