Admission Charges

Regular € 9,50

Discounts € 5,00 (with valid proof only)

Discounts are granted to:

  • Pupils, students and trainees, young adults in a Voluntary Social Year or a Federal Voluntary Service under 30 years
  • Disabled persons (from GdB 50)
  • Unemployed persons (ALG I) and social benefit recipients according to SGB II (unemployment benefit II and social benefits), SGB XII (assistance with subsistence, basic security in old age or in case of reduction in earning capacity), Asylum Seekers (AsylbLG)
  • Owner of the Hamburg Card € 6,50
  • Groups of 15 persons or more (per person) € 6

Sunday guided tour € 2 (+ admission)

Children’s Time € 4

Open Workshop € 4

No admission is charged for (with valid proof only)

  • Children and young persons under 18 years
  • Kindergarten and preschool groups, as well as school classes without age restriction incl. a maximum of 2 supervisors
  • Wheelchair users
  • Required accompanying persons for severely disabled visitors
  • Journalists
  • Members of the Freundeskreis des MARKK and the AMH
  • Members of the Deutscher Museumsbund (German Museum Association) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM)
  • Students enrolled at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Hamburg
  • Refugees
  • Visitors on Thursdays from 4 p.m.