Figure with incised glyphs

Teotihuacán civilization, Mexico
250-750 A.D. (Tlamilolpa-Metepec period)
Collection Carl Wilhelm Lüders
ht. 34.5 cm, w. 14.5 cm, d. 6 cm
Inv. Nr. B 264


This meticulously crafted figure made of serpentine stone from the Teotihucán civilization is unique because of the glyphs incised later during the Aztec period (1400-1521 AD). The two calendar signs “1 flint” and “13 reed” symbolized to the Aztecs or Mexica, as they called themselves, the beginning of the Aztec era. The continued use of the figure in the Aztec period indicates the great importance of the Teotihuacán civilization for the identity of the Aztecs.