Women’s attire

Leandra Pérez; Poqomam (Maya), Palín, Guatemala
1950 - 1970
Collection Carlos Elmenhorst
Inv. Nr. 96.31:754, 755, 756, 758, 1017


This clothing ensemble (blouse, skirt, belt, scarf, braid) dates from the 1950/60s and was used for ceremonial occasions. The motif of the “double-headed eagle” on the front is typical of the blouses of the female members of the religious brotherhood (Cofradía) from Palín. Due to the warm climate in Palín, the traditional huipil (blouse) is very short. A folded ceremonial scarf was worn on the shoulder and used for various purposes. Also the elaborately entwined braid was only put on on special occasions. Today, however, this attire is hardly worn anymore.