Steppes & Silk Roads

Magnificent fabrics and ikat weavings made of silk, tea and “wild apples” found their way to Europe on the legendary trade routes of the steppes and the silk roads. The exhibition Steppes & Silk Roads at the MARKK asks about the connections between the historical routes and the “New Silk Road” as well as today’s interests and living environments between Hamburg and China. To this end, cultural-historical objects, historical photographs, film and photo recordings from current research as well as contemporary artistic works are put in relation to one another. Designed as an imaginary walk-through map, the exhibition invites the visitors to trace movements between East and West and to discover new connections between topics and locations.

Bring your own headphones for the listening stations in the exhibition!



With financial support from the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, the Herbert Pumplün Foundation and the Friends of the Museum am Rothenbaum e. V.
Restoration grants from the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung
In cooperation with the research project “Dispersed & Connected”, supported by the Fonds zur Förderung wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF).
Concept & design: Dr. Maria-Katharina Lang and Mag. Christian Sturminger



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Steppen und Seidenstraßen“
Hg. Maria-Katharina Lang, Rahel Wille
ISBN-978-3-944193-13-7,  € 20

Aus der Ausstellung

Glazed clay figure, China: Tang era
Painting The Battle of Qurman
Time Link, Nomin Bold, Mongolia, 2020, painting, old type sheets, acrylic, canvas, purchase artist, partial financing Friends of the Museum am Rothenbaum MARKK e.V., MARKK 2020.9:1
Coat Scream by Dilyara Kaipova
Historical photographer Camel caravan in front of the city wall
New road in the Gobi desert
Khara Balgas, Mongolia 2019
Photography Gobi Desert, Mongolia 2018