Un-Muting – Sonic Restitutions


Is there a restitution of the sounds? Can the historical experience of muting be reversed? The musician and artist Satch Hoyt became known for his method of Afro-Sonic Mapping. On January 25, he will play musical instruments from the MARKK collections and practice un-muting in the Zwischenraum. Until September 2024, we will be showing an exhibition of historical instruments from the MARKK collections.

„Un-Muting brings past resonating forms into our present.
Namely instruments whose primary role amongst others is to communicate with the ancestors. Transformed into the present and thus narrates the now, enabling crossings into timeless futures. Music and musical instruments explain our history.“
Satch Hoyt


The research on the performance took place as part of the MARKK in Motion project of the Initiative for Ethnological Collections 2023.
With the support of the Friends of the Museum am Rothenbaum e. V



Aus der Ausstellung

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Satch Hoyt