Use conditions

Regulations for the Use and Payment of the Library of the Museum am Rothenbaum

1. General Information
The scientific library of the museum is open to the public, but the lending of media is restricted.
Users are obliged to comply with the provisions of these regulations and the instructions of the library staff. They are liable for damages and disadvantages resulting from non-compliance with these obligations.

2. Lending
The lending of media is free of charge to the employees of the museum, the teaching staff of the Department of Cultural Studies of the University and students of the Department of Cultural Studies and Latin American Studies, as well as the members of the Friends of the Museum am Rothenbaum (MARKK) e.V..
Users whose residence is officially registered in Hamburg and whose minimum age is 18 years can borrow media from the library for a fee.
The admission is limited in time, the user fee has to be paid in advance.
Each person borrowing media needs a user card. For the issuance of this card, the valid identity card (or passport and valid registration confirmation) must be presented to the library staff. In case of claiming a discount according to the fee regulations, the status has to be proven with appropriate documents.
The loan period for library media is 14 days. The loan period can be extended once (also by telephone), as long as no other demand has been registered.
For use outside the library, holders of a user card may borrow a maximum of 5 media.
Excluded from borrowing are all media published before 1950, all periodicals, as well as library materials that bear a corresponding note. Media from the reference library, bibliographies, atlases and all encyclopedias cannot be borrowed.

3. Charge
The fees are based on the Hamburg fee schedule for academic libraries:

  • Reading pass for city readers
    o Monthly pass: € 5,00
    o Half-yearly pass: € 13.00
    o Annual pass: € 20,00
    o Persons entitled to a reduction: € 5,00 (only annual passes)
    o Second copy of a reader’s pass: € 10,00
  • Reminder fees
    o From first day 1. week: € 1,00
    o From first day 2nd week: additional € 2,00
    o From first day 3rd week: additional € 5,00
    o From first day 5th week: additional € 10,00
  • Loss of a book
    o replacement value of the copy to be replaced
    o plus processing fee per replacement copy: € 20.00.
  • Library research / processing fee
    o per half hour € 26,00.
  • Making photocopies / reproductions
    o DIN A4 grayscale € 0,25
    o DIN A4 colored € 1,00
    o DIN A3 grayscale € 0,50
    o DIN A3 colored € 2,00
    o Digital copy per page € 0,50

If the loan period is exceeded, a reminder fee is due, regardless of whether the return was reminded in writing or not. Anyone who exceeds the loan period and does not return the library media despite a reminder will be excluded from using the library. In addition, legal action will be taken if necessary to obtain the return of the media. In case of overdue fines of more than € 10,00, the library card will be blocked. Media can only be borrowed, renewed or reserved once the fees have been paid.

4. Handling the media
Users must handle library materials with care. Anyone who damages, soils, makes entries in or loses a medium is liable to pay compensation to the amount of the replacement costs. In addition, administrative charges will apply. The library staff must be notified of any existing defects in the library materials or these must be determined by the library staff.
It is not permitted to give borrowed media to third parties. In case of overdraft, damage, soiling or loss by a third party, the person who borrowed the library media is liable.
Attempted or completed theft will be punished by exclusion from the use of the library. In individual cases, the Foundation reserves the right to file criminal charges.

5. Reproductions
Copies may be made as far as the state of preservation of the originals permits. With a few exceptions, the library may make its own copies from periodicals published after 1950. Copies from media published before 1950 may be made by library staff within the limits of the staff’s possibilities. The users have to respect the copyrights.
Violations of the library regulations will result in exclusion from the library.

6. Final provisions
With this usage regulation, all previous regulations for the library of the Museum am Rothenbaum are repealed.

valid from 10th October 2017