Research Projects

Colonial Photographs from German Southwest Africa at MARKK

Special exhibition Ovizire

During a one-year art and research fellowship, the artists Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Nicola Brandt and Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja and the historian Ulrike Peters gathered in Hamburg to reflect on the complexity of the entangled German-Namibian history and colonial heritage. Photographic holdings of the museum collected during the German colonial period in present-day Namibia served as a starting point. The preliminary results of their ongoing conversation were presented in an exhibition consisting of performances, video installations, photo collages and historical photographs at MARKK (5.12.2018-14.4.2019) and at M.Bassy (6.12.2018 – 27.01.2019).

In cooperation with the University of Hamburg, Forschungsstelle Hamburgs (post)koloniales Erbe, Prof. Jürgen Zimmerer
Supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation

Participants: Ulrike Peters, Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Nicola Brandt, Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja

Duration: 2016 – 2019

Catharina Winzer
Photo archive (management)
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