Richard Tsogang Fossi

Richard Tsogang Fossi (PhD) has been Curatorial Research Fellow at MARKK since May 2019 and is part of the curatorial team of the exhibition “Hey Hamburg, kennt ihr Duala Manga Bell?”, which uses the transnational life stories of the Bell royal family and their networks to tell of the effects of colonialism on personal life paths, family structures, and societal structures and the development of transcontinental resistance networks. Richard Tsogang Fossi also worked on a provenance research project on the estate of the German colonial officer Hans Dominik at MARKK. Richard wrote his doctoral thesis on German colonial history and memory, and is working on a transnational research project on memory topographies between the Rhineland (Düsseldorf) and the Grassland in Cameroon (Dschang-Fontem area).

Richard Tsogang Fossi (PhD)
Curatorial Research Fellow