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[D]eaf culture in the MARKK to the day of the sign language 2020


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With its new orientation, the MARKK tries to see itself as an institution where cultures and arts of the world can be presented and celebrated from different perspectives. For Sign Language Day 2020, we at MARKK would like to show sign culture from the perspective of native speakers. Here we present different voices of native speakers* in literature, poetry and performance in sign language. Due to the measures to restrict the Corona virus, we show them as projection in the auditorium of MARKK. Native DGS speaker Martina Bergmann, in collaboration with the Curator of Outreach, Education, and Audience Relations Rilando June Lamadjido, designed sign language tours for Sign Language Day 2020, which took place on Sept 22, Sept 24, and Sept 27. In terms of content, the tours were designed from the perspective of the native speakers* in the building. They were to focus on exhibits at MARKK that are highly relevant to the history of [D]eaf Culture. As part of this project, MARKK was allowed to show the poetry slam by ACE Mahbaz and Athina Lange. The poetry slam was created in collaboration with