Drawing work in the stack-rooms

Distinguished: Women Artists of the Inventory

The exhibition “Distinguished: Women Artists of the Inventory” takes a look behind the scenes of the museum during…

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Woman with a bicycle on the beach, photograph

A Glimpse Into Paradise

Banana leaves reflect the sunshine, tropical vegetation grows in the background and a small party seeks refuge under…

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War and Grammar

Beginning on October 23rd, sound recordings of prisoners of war from the First World War will be rendered…

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Wooden board with representation of a demon head (boma), embedded in luxuriant floral decoration

A Dream of Bali

The exhibition was created in 2006 in cooperation with a German-Balinese community and gives an insight into the…

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Colourfully painted plastic buffalo

Native Cultures of North America

In eight subject areas, the exhibition looks into diverse forms of cultural expression of the Native Americans in…

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Former image reference card, artistically reworked by Vitjitua Ndjiharine, black and white photography, landscape, two people

Ovizire • Somgu

The exhibition presents performances, multimedia video installations, photo collages and historical photographs that deal with the complexity of…

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